Writing, Editorial & Memoir Services

As no two clients are ever the same, I offer a wide range of editorial and publishing services to suit all needs and budgets.

Memoir Writing Service – Each Standard Pay-Per-Visit Includes:

A relaxed and friendly interview with me, Mandy Bloom, either in person or online. As an experienced journalist and writer, I will guide, write, and help you develop your story if required.

An optional written Foreword contributed by a friend or family member.

Your own selection of old and recent photographs and illustrations, scanned, edited and enhanced.

Internal page typesetting, design and layout.

Liaison with trusted printers to ensure a quality end result

Attractive bespoke full colour cover design.

Regular contact and updates on progress.

Please contact me for details of my Pay-Per-Visit charge.

Existing Manuscripts

If you have already written a draft memoir, or perhaps a children’s story, collection of poems or other document, I can convert it into a quality designed and printed publication. I am delighted to support such projects and can assist with typing, type-setting, layout, editing, book design and printing.  The charge is calculated per thousand words and varies depending on whether or not your manuscript is already typed.

Please contact me for details of producing a printed book from your manuscript.

Book Printing

Whether you have already written something yourself, or I write it for you, you will ultimately be able to order copies of your own book from me to distribute yourself.  I offer competitive printing rates with a choice of paperback or hardback covers. Printing costs depend on specifications including the size of the book and the quantity required.

An ISBN Number and barcode can be provided as an optional extra.

Other Services

Whatever your editorial and publishing needs, my team of colleagues and I will be pleased to help and advise you further on your project.

Our services include:

Life Stories Written & Printed

All Subjects Covered

Personal Interviews

Concise Books & Pamphlets

Ghost Writing

Diaries & Letters Preserved

Old Photos Scanned & Enhanced

Existing Manuscripts Edited

Proof Reading, Typing & Layout

Full Design Service

PR Support

Personal, Friendly Approach

Company Histories

Portrait Painting

Book Design

Book Illustrations

Family Trees Drawn

Memoir Mentoring and Support

Leaflet Design and Copywriting

Audio Transcription and Typing Services

Vintage photo of a lady sat on a chair in a dress and hat as an example of biography writing and publishing