Mandy Bloom, Memoir and Publishing Services

Your very own ghostwriter, creating beautiful books that you will treasure forever.
The end result is as unique as your story… the possibilities are infinite.

“It has been a pleasure working with Mandy as my ghostwriter. I am no author, and without her it would not have happened. She is an amazing lady.”
Richard Stone
From Little Acorns

“The book has changed my life.”
Tony Bennett
‘He Can When He Will’

“A treasured book for the family – the whole process was a pleasure and a delight.”
Sally Ann Martin (May’s Daughter)
May’s Mango Memories

“Mandy was extremely professional and very attentive – we spoke often to make sure l was totally on board. I am delighted with the result, which is beautifully produced to a high standard.”
Caroline Martin
My Life

“I hear lots of compliments about the book and how well it is written. I hope you are proud of the end product, I know I am.”
Sylvia Collins (Jackson’s Daughter)
The House Brothers of Wytherston

“The whole memoir process was most enjoyable and brought back many happy memories of our life and times in Kenya and Somerset.”
David Bellman
The Monkton Elm Story

“You have captured the spirit of the story very well. Thank you so much for your patience, the result is fantastic!”
David Sowerbutts (Margaret’s Son)
Two Daisies in My Pocket

“Our whole family can be proud of the hopes and aspirations of George and Marjorie. I couldn’t have accomplished the outcome of the book without your help and commitment.”
Jeanette Stockell
‘Don’t Worry Mum’

“The whole experience has been exceptional, Mandy is an excellent ghostwriter,  has a wonderful personality and clearly knows how to deliver.”
Brian Davenport
The Way It Was

“Thanks for your patience and professional skill in putting my memoir together for me. I could not have produced it – or written any of it – without you.  Thank you for a magnificent job.”
Bob Hooper
A Meare Lad

“It’s brilliant! I was so absorbed in reading it and recalling my childhood, I missed two wickets being taken on the world cup cricket match on TV.”
Mel Hillman
The Story of a Nobody

“We are very grateful to Mandy for turning Mike’s original stories and our family photos into such a lovely book.” 
Mike & Doreen Rowland
Memories of a Wheelwright

“Making contact with Mandy was the best thing ever. She was the easiest person to talk to, and a great listener and ghostwriter. She expressed my feelings brilliantly.”
Brenda Furniss
Behind The Smile

“Mandy produced such a beautiful, illustrated children’s book from our stories, and we are still getting requests for more copies.”
Erica Cartledge (Commissioning Editor)
The Everyday Adventures of Jemmima the Duck

“A huge thank you for making this possible – we are so thrilled. It has meant a lot to my Dad and given him a sense of purpose this year and also a chance to reflect.  Many thanks for all your patience and amazing writing skills.”
Alex Stubbings (John’s Daughter)


“Mandy produced a wonderful book from my travel memories and photos, my family have really enjoyed reading it.”
Maureen Bloom
Holidays of a Lifetime

“The book was an achievement fulfilled in later years and was superbly constructed by Mandy.”
Maureen Muir,
Fifty Homes – Seventy Five Years

“The three finished volumes of my diaries look so professional. I was absolutely delighted with the result – they really are something to treasure forever.  Mandy is an excellent ghostwriter and was an absolute joy to work with.”
Moira Townsend
The Ghana Years

“Really nice piece of work Mandy – it was a pleasure working with you and the final product reflects your ability.”
Steve Creaney
Newton Aycliffe – A Long History of a New Town